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Thirty-[Six] Degrees outside

2009-10-22 02:23:09 by Oddicus

So how do I add art? I kinda haven't learned yet. Also I'm taking game ideas right now. Help me out?

Photo below from me and my little brothers movie "Lego G.T.A." Which I will try and figure out how to post here, hopefully.

Thirty-[Six] Degrees outside

Party of Five

2009-07-26 17:09:24 by Oddicus

ABOUT TIME! Finally an art portal! Meaning finally I can post stuff. Meaning finally you can see why I'm here. Finally...


2009-05-05 19:55:28 by Oddicus

Originally I had a rant to go here. It was about 4 paragraphs long. But then my net said "Go to hell" and shut down. So I'll be irked at it. Here is where my games are at.

The Third Wheel

2009-04-27 20:24:31 by Oddicus

So I'm pretty stoked on myself. I am on the verge of completing another game. Unfortunately no. Not Flash. I don't have the money for Flash.

Screenshot from the game here. (When it actually works... I'll get it soon enough)

Two of a kind...

2009-04-08 20:10:08 by Oddicus

Everything by everyone my ass! What about the people that use Game Maker to make their games instead of Flash? Huh? What about me?!?!?! I could throw up a link to it here or somewhere but you know what I won't. Maybe I'll just go on strike! Though I guess that wouldn't do anything since I haven't ever submitted anything...

Stupid Flash...

Attached is an O.C. of mine that I call Robob. I was going to make a game about him with Game Maker but I guess you all won't be able to see that

Two of a kind...

For my first trick...

2009-04-06 04:44:30 by Oddicus

So being new to this whole New Grounds thing and coming from other sites I'm used to the way other sites handle things. Take Deviantart for example. It's almost all drawn art. There's a waiting period (thats what I would call it at least) if you want to upload a video (which I never had a need for really). On top of that there was no audio unless it was laced into a video. I love hearing music that isn't main-stream and is actually good music.

I think I might be happy here.

Attached picture is of a friends dad shooting fireworks at cars. Talk about fun shit. :D

For my first trick...